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Aright, a detailed post on the N*E*R*D Tour 2004.

So my brother, Kuya Ray, J and I got to the Wiltern Theatre at about 4pm. There were already a few people in line.

We got into the theatre about 7 pm. Got a wristband for the pit area *woot woot*. Then headed out to the lobby to get a wristband to meet N*E*R*D. Then bought an N*E*R*D hoodie. Went back to the pit area.

Next thing we knew, CLIPSE and FamLay came out! Man .. what a way to start the concert! It was such a suprise for me and my brother. After CLIPSE came on, it was BEP (black eyed peas). During their performance, someone was all "OMG! IT"S JUSTIN!" I couldn't see him! But, he came out and performed "WHERE IS THE LOVE?" with BEP. Boy I was having a heart attack.

After BEP, Spymob performed 2 songs, then came on N*E*R*D. And JT came out again. He ended up performing w. N*E*R*D during 3/4 of the show. It was just the sh*t!

After, we lined up to meet N*E*R*D. Taboo from BEP was there and he was the one coming up to us and stuff. He's cool man! Then N*E*R*D came out. I was in shock. When I gave Pharrell my magazine to sign, Shaye was talking to me and then I looked over to Pharrell and he was reading the magazine. LOL. After he realized that I was waiting (which I did not mind at all!) he signed it. =) And then Chad signed my stuff too. I was in such awe that I forgot to take more pics. We weren't allowed to take pics w. them though.

I'm still speechless. We had a blast!

Pics Galore:

Fergie from BEP

JT & will.i.am of BEP


Pharrell & JT


N*E*R*D signing my brother's Pharrell Nike Dunks

Me & Taboo of BEP
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